We are a creative agency for grown-up clients.


We believe that design matters:
Whether you are producing a new corporate identity, a national advertising campaign, new packaging for your product or a tactical banner ad, the principle is the same. It has to be striking, it has to be relevant, it has to connect.


We believe that efficiency matters:
Not sexy we know ? but if you have worked with design, marketing or advertising agencies you will know what we mean.


We believe that personal service matters:
Formed in 2000, Brand Fusion is vibrant, successful and profitable ? these are essential to our happiness and therefore our ability focus exclusively on our clients.

The MDU is a mutual, not for profit, organisation owned by its members. It was the world?s first medical defence organisation and has been leading the way ever since.

Push Technology
Push uses its robust and innovative flagship communication platform ? Diffusion ? to deliver extraordinary large-scale data transportation. Diffusion unlocks the true potential of today?s multi-channel, constantly connected world to help organisations realise meaningful, valuable and personalised exchanges beyond the edge.

The perfect engine pitch
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) = Alchemy? Is it the work of the devil, or just a modern part of the marketing mix? Of course we like to believe the latter. But we understand how the misconception can be made. SEO and Internet Marketing is wrapped up in buzz words, technical jargon and lots of work that is done 'behind the scenes'. That said, we do not, never have done, and never will subscribe to smoke and mirrors.

One of the world?s great football clubs. Distinguished by creativity and innovation on and off the pitch.

The Chartered Institute for IT. The professional body for one of the world?s most dynamic industries.

Union Solutions
Incredibly dynamic business re-defining the way businesses manage their data and connectivity.

Merrill Lynch
One of the world?s great financial services brands now part of Bank of America.

UBA Capital
The investment banking arm of one of Africa?s leading financial institutions.

Come Fly with Me
Majorca?s world class musical stage show..

Peter Spanton Beverages
A great British drinks brand brought to life by Brand Fusion.